Port Services - Scalloway

Port Services

Discharging ship in Scalloway

Ship repairs

Two small slipways are available at a small local ship repair yard in Scalloway. The larger slip accommodates vessels up to 33m LOA, 4.25m draft, 88m beam and 350T Dwt.
Diving facilities are also available via the ship's agent.

Cranes, Provisions and Water
These are available at each pier and requests should be made via the ship's agent.

The bunker facility at the Commercial Quay has a capacity of 500 cu.metres and has a maximum delivery rate of 85 cu.metres/hour. Bunkers are available 24 hours a day by arrangement via the ship's local agent.
Bunkers are also available by road tanker at all berths.
Larger amounts of bunkers, including HFO, can be transferred from a bunker barge while alongside.

Shetland Islands Council, Ports and Harbours  - Bunkering operations procedure  and  Bunkering Form

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