Instrumental Instruction

playing a violin

Due to COVID-19 Instrumental Instructors are only able to visit one school per day, therefore instruction is currently being offered in a mixture of face to face and remote lessons.  The charge for Instrumental Instruction 2020/21 has been reduced to £160.00 as a result of this.

We currently provide instruction in 20 different instruments:

  • accordion
  • brass (baritone horn, euphonium, cornet, tuba, tenor horn, trumpet)
  • drums
  • fiddle
  • lower strings (violin, viola, cello double bass)
  • piano
  • voice
  • woodwind (clarinet, flute, saxophone, oboe, recorder)

Guitar is available in some schools for pupils in P5-7, delivered free through the Youth Music Initiative.  For more information regarding guitar instruction, please contact Noelle Henderson on 01595 744013 or email

Instrumental Instruction Charges 2021/22 – per instrument

  • One to One (face to face) lessons - £210.00
  • Group/Blended Face to Face lessons - £160.00 – **Gorup lessons for 2021/22 will be reviewed in line with COVID guidance**
  • Fully Remote lessons - £120.00

Where a pupil has never received instrumental instruction before, they will be entitled to their first term of instruction free.

Exemption to Charges

You will be exempt from charges if you fall into one of the categories below:

How do I add my child to the Waiting List?

You can add your child the Instrumental Instruction Waiting List, using the forms below. Applications are invited for children who will be in Primary 5 or above from August. Please note that space for some instruments is very limited and tuition therefore cannot be guaranteed. Places are offered based on a first come, first served basis.

Waiting List Form for Instrumental Instruction

Guitar Waiting List Form

How do I pay for my child’s instruction?

Instrumental Instruction charges will be applied to each pupils ParentPay account in 4 termly instalments.  Payment will be due 2 weeks prior to the beginning of each term, as below: 


Payment Due Date

Term 1 - August to October 30th July 2021
Term 2 - October to December 8th October 2021
Term 3 - January to March 17th December 2021
Term 4 - April to July 1st April 2022

Parents will have the option to make payment for all 4 terms at the beginning of the school year.  If you have not yet activated your ParentPay account, please contact us for your activation details.  

What happens if my child's payments are overdue?

 A reminder will be sent to everyone by email prior to the due date. After the due date, a further reminder will be sent.  If the debt remains unpaid a final reminder will be issued by post.  After this your child’s instruction may be terminated and their place offered to the next pupil on the waiting list.

Can I pay for my child's instruction by card over the phone?

No, you should log in to ParentPay to make payment. If there is a problem with your account or you need help making payment, please contact us.

Can my child borrow an instrument?

Some instruments are available to be loaned from the authority. Piano/ keyboards and drum kits cannot be loaned. Generally if a pupil is loaning an instrument they will be expected to return it after their first term and should supply their own instrument. Assistance towards the purchase of an instrument is available through the Assisted Instrument Purchase Scheme.

How many lessons will my child receive?

Each pupil should receive a minimum 750 minutes (equivalent to 30 lessons at 25 minutes each) of instruction during the school year.  Where a pupil commences or discontinues during the school year, an adjustment will be calculated pro rata.  Where a pupil does not receive their minimum lesson time as a result of staff absence, school closure or a school activity, an appropriate proportion of fees will be refunded at the end of the academic year. Please note, we cannot refund due to pupil absence or where a remote alternative has been offered.

What happens if my child wants to stop their instruction?

If a pupil wants to discontinue their instruction, notice must be given to Children's Services prior to the start of a new term.  If notice is not received before the term commences, you will be liable for the terms fees.