School Transport

Education authorities have a statutory responsibility to provide and finance the transport of school pupils who live specified distances from school. The statutory qualifying distance for pupils of school age under eight is two miles and for those eight years and over is three miles.

Shetland Islands Council has exercised its discretion by provision additional transport during the "winter period" to pupils, and in addition, extend or divert transport as far as possible whenever a pupil who is entitled to transport has more than half a mile to walk to a pick up point. 

If your child meets the eligibility criteria set out in the School Transport Policy or if you have any other queries please contact Transport Planning.

Request for Vacant Seats for Session 
All Education Authorities are required to offer any vacant seats on school transport to pupils who live on a route, but within the specified walking distance of their school. 

All such requests are granted on the basis that should any children move into the area who are entitled to school transport, those seats may have to be relinquished.

The application form is live now - Application for Vacant Seats and will close on Sunday 12 September 2021. Applications will then be processed; thereafter parents/carers will receive correspondence notifying them as to whether or not their application has been successful and, where appropriate, the relevant Bus Pass will be completing this form

Information is made available by schools each year on when to apply for vacant seats.

ASN transport information