Justice social work and safety

Justice social work

Justice Social Work Services throughout the Shetland Islands, with the aim to provide effective risk assessment and management of offenders within the community, whilst maintaining community safety.

The services outlined are committed to the social inclusion and rehabilitation of offenders as a positive approach in the prevention of offending behaviour and maintenance of crime free lifestyles. Our objectives are:

  • To provide effective community based disposals as an alternative to prison
  • To provide high quality informative reports to courts to assist with sentencing
  • To challenge offending behaviour and assist individuals to recognise the harm their behaviour has on others
  • Assist with problems related to offending such as drug and alcohol misuse
  • To identify and manage offenders at risk of re-offending and those who present a risk of harm to themselves or others
  • To ensure service delivery meets National Standards and Outcomes
  • To work closely with partnership agencies and stakeholders in ensuring community safety and addressing social inclusion
  • To assist those released from prison to settle back into the community

We work in partnership with other statutory and voluntary agencies to provide these services. 

Contact with Justice Social Work Services is normally as a result of report requests, court orders or supervision following release from prison.