Justice social work

Throughcare Services

Throughcare applies to the range of prison and community based services provided to offenders and their families during and after a prison sentence.

These include:
• Prison social work services
• Preparation of reports to the Parole Board to assist decisions about release from prison and to report on progress in the community
• Supervision of parole, supervised release, extended sentence and other prison after care orders
• Throughcare Addictions Service
• Voluntary assistance for individuals sentenced to four years or less

Throughcare starts at the point of sentence, where there is an expectation that all offenders receiving a custodial sentence will be interviewed by the Court Duty Social Worker.

Each offender will be allocated a named worker who will act as the link between prison and the community. The worker will attend prison based meetings, keep in contact with families as requested and help with plans for resettling back into the community.