Council Indoor Games Halls

Scalloway Primary School Games Hall


Located next to the Scalloway Swimming Pool in the village of Scalloway, which is 7 miles West of Lerwick, the Scalloway Games Hall is a four badminton court sized hall with a wooden floor and is used for various sports and activities such as football, netball, fitness classes and badminton.

It forms part of the Scalloway Primary School and is used by the school for classes during the daytime, but during the evenings and weekends it is managed by Sport & Leisure Services where it can be used by the wider community.

For enquiries, to check availability and for any other further information please contact Sport and Leisure, to make a booking fill in our Games Hall Booking form.

Activity Concession/Standard price per hour
Archery £15.90/£31.50
Athletics £15.90/£31.50
Badminton £5.30/£10.50
Basketball £15.90/£31.50
Football £15.90/£31.50
Hockey £15.90/£31.50
Netball £15.90/£31.50
Table Tennis £2.90/£5.65
Volleyball £15.90/£31.50
Note: For all one off bookings the standard rates of 20% VAT apply