Island Communities Impact Assessments

Legal Requirements

The Council, as one of the relevant authorities listed in the Islands (Scotland) Act 2018, must have regard to island communities in carrying out its functions. The Council must prepare an Island Communities Impact Assessment in relation to a policy, strategy or service, which is likely to have an effect on an island community, which is significantly different from its effect on other communities (including other island communities).

It is expected that the Council will make arrangements to review any policy, strategy or service and prepare an Island Communities Impact Assessment, where it is required to do so. 


Once prepared, an Island Communities Impact Assessment will be published here.  This will include information about decisions not to carry out an Island Communities Impact Assessment. 

Annual reporting

The Council must publish, at least annually, information about the steps it has taken to comply with the duty.  The publication of the annual reporting duty will be through the Council’s Annual Performance Report.