Sullom Voe Harbour Tugs


A fleet of harbour tugs operated by Sullom Voe Harbour Authority provide the towage service for vessels at the Port of Sullom Voe. At this time we have 4 tugs: Tystie, Dunter (Voith) and Tirrick and Shalder (ASD). These are named after local seabirds found in Shetland.

Prior to arrival, vessels should ensure that heaving lines of adequate length and breaking strain are readily available to assist in securing tugs.The use of tugs and their numbers will be as directed by the Harbour Master.

Tugs will normally meet incoming vessels at a position close south of Outer Skerry for the North Entrance and close south of Samphrey for the SE Entrance. Officers and crew should be standing by to receive lines, and all necessary tugs must be secured before the vessel’s ability to manoeuvre becomes restricted.

Normally 4 tugs are required for inward movements and 2 for outward.

When a vessel is berthing, tugs will be secured to the bow and stern of the vessel with towing lines and alongside in a push pull mode. Their mode of operation and disposition will be fully explained by the pilot on arrival. Tug lines will normally be used throughout, either from a towing winch or occasionally a towing hook.

Emergency Towage Exercises

From time to time Masters and Owners may be requested, through the Agent to permit the vessel to be used in emergency towage exercises when entering or leaving port.

These exercises will be carried out under the strict requirements of the risk assessments undertaken for such exercises, the main purpose being to train Pilots and Tug Masters in emergency towage procedures.

All such exercises are undertaken under the United Kingdom Standard Conditions for Towage and other Services, as revised. However, the costs of any damage to towlines will not be sought from the ship.