Housing Benefit and Council Tax Reduction

Informing benefits of changes

Has there been a change in your circumstances since you made your last claim for Council Tax Reduction or Housing Benefit?

When you made your claim, you signed a declaration that said you would tell us immediately about any changes in circumstances you or the people living with you may have.

Some changes may mean you are entitled to new or additional benefit, but others may mean you receive a lower amount or no longer qualify for benefit.

If you tell us outside this time limit and the change means you will get more benefit we will only apply the change from the Monday after you have told us. This will mean you miss out on benefit owed to you.

Any change which means you will get less benefit will always be taken from the Monday following the date of change.

Examples of changes you must report are:

  • You or your partner's income goes up or down
  • You or your partner's savings go up or down
  • You or your partner start or stop working
  • You or your partner's benefits change
  • Anyone joins or leaves your household
  • The income or capital of any non-dependant in your household changes
  • The amount of rent you pay changes

Landlord Responsibilities

If you are a landlord you also have a duty to inform us of any changes which you could reasonably expect to know about.For example, if your tenant moves out of the property you are letting.

You can let us know by telephoning the Benefits Section or visiting our office. The member of staff you speak to will record your changes on a form and you must check and sign it. (They will post the form out to you if you have phoned us.)

You can also download a Change of Circumstances Form

Alternatively you can write or email us.

Please note: Telling the Pension Service or Job Centre Plusof a change does not mean they automatically tell the Council. You must also tell us as soon as a change happens. Likewise other benefits and credits may be affected by a change in your circumstances. For example get in touch with:

  • The Jobcentre Plus (telephone 0845 608 8598) about Income Support, Jobseeker’s Allowance or any other benefits
  • The Pension Service (telephone 0800 99 1234) about Pension Credits

HM Revenue and Customs (telephone 0845 300 3900) about Tax Credits.