Summer of Play

Summer of Play - Get into Summer

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During the summer holidays, we will be running a Summer of Play programme along with other local agencies in order to support the wellbeing of children and young people across Shetland.

There will be a huge range of activities for children and young people including sports, games, outdoor learning, arts and crafts and youth club sessions.   Many of these activities will be FREE!

Some of our activities will be targeted to support families on low incomes; children and young people who have additional support needs and/or a sibling with additional support needs; care experienced young people and young carers.

Please follow the the links below for further details on the range of activities on offer in Shetland throughout the summer holidays:


Support with Transport

If you need support with transport to participate in the Get into Summer activities, please get in touch with us and we may be able to provide assistance.  You can contact us by email at:


Anchor for Families Support

Anyone who is experiencing some difficulties during the Summer Holidays can access the Anchor Team for support.  Anchor is there for every family whenever they need it.  All families can find themselves fighting to keep afloat; whether pulled under by rising living costs, health concerns, isolation or simply being unsure where to begin, anchor will help you back to dry land.

What does Anchor for Families do?

The anchor team are always ready to listen to whtaever pressures your family are under.  Working with you, they will help you get all the support you need to thrive, and will continue to do so as long as you need it.

If you think anchor could help, then get in touch directly.  Email : or Call - 01595 745242 or click on the webpage link below for further information: