Houses and Garages with little or no waiting list


We keep track of properties that have little or no waiting list (a low demand).  A list of low demand accommodation currently available in Shetland is displayed below. (This list was updated on 02/12/20).


  • Stakkafletts - 3 x 1 bedroom
  • Stakkafletts - 1 x 2 bedroom


  • Ulsta - 1 x 2 bedroom


  • Harbourview, Housay - 1 x 1 bedroom
  • Harbourview, Housay - 1 x 3 bedroom

If you have been assessed as in need of sheltered housing you would still be given priority and may wish to change your areas of choice to be considered for the above properties.



  • Valladale x 1 garage

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Details on the allocation of garages are included in our Allocation Policy.

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This page is updated regularly, however we can't guarantee all of the properties listed above are still available.