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Apply for Housing or a Housing Transfer

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Apply for Housing

Shetland Islands Council (SIC) and Hjaltland Housing Association (HHA) operate a Common Housing Register (joint application list). This means that by completing one application form you can be considered for housing with both landlords. If you wish, you can opt out of being housed by either landlord.  To increase the chance of being housed, we recommend you choose to be on both Housing Registers.  Depending on your circumstances, you may require Additional forms for Medical, Social or Child Contact requirements.

Anyone aged 16 or over is entitled to apply for housing.

There are 3 methods of applying for housing in Shetland:

  1.   By online Housing Application form
  2.   By downloading and printing a PDF Application Pack at home for completing and scanning and emailing or posting to the Housing Office
  3.   By telephoning and requesting a paper Application pack from the Housing Office for completing and scanning and emailing or posting to the Housing Office

1.  Online housing application link below:

Online Housing Application form

Please note if you do not have a current Housing Application you MUST complete and submit a Housing Application form before completing any of the Additional forms listed below.

Online Child Contact form

Online Medical Points Application form

Online Social Needs Points Application form

2.  You can download and print all forms via the links below:

PDF Housing Application pack

PDF Additional forms

3.  If you require a paper application pack to be sent out to your home address or have any additional requirements for the application, please contact housing.

Our full allocation policy as well as other housing policies can be found in our policy section.

If you are disabled, an older adult or a member of the Armed Forces then Housing Options Scotland may be able to assist you.

What are Transfers and how to apply

You can apply to move (transfer) to another Council house by completing a Housing Application form.  Alternatively, you can call SIC Housing on 01595 744360 if you are unable to complete the form online and require a paper copy.  Transfer applications are pointed in the same way as waiting list applications.