Economic information and analysis

We are regularly involved in contributing to, commissioning or undertaking a variety of research, survey and strategy development work relating to the Shetland economy.

This work is undertaken in order to further understanding of the economic development potential of Shetland and can involve many different themes and areas of study

Shetland Islands Council Economic Development Strategy 2018 -2022

This development strategy (pdf) aims to enable and promote ideal conditions for growth and to support businesses, residents and communities to take advantages of the opportunities this will create, our key actions to enable this are to

  • Encourage growth, development and diversification in the private sector.
  • Improve economic participation in local communities.
  • Link skills, research and development to economic need.
  • Ensure Shetland's interests are represented in national, regional and external policy making.
  • Improve the attractiveness of Shetland as a place to live, work study, visit and invest.
  • Increase the pace of innovation and the adoption of new technologies.

Recent economic documents