Flooding, drainage and coastal protection

Flooding and Drainage general information

If flooding is happening now:
You should call the emergency services on 999 if you are concerned about your safety or the safety of others and act immediately on any advice provided.

The emergency services provide emergency relief when flooding occurs and can
co-ordinate evacuations.

A range of other bodies work together to manage flood risk in Scotland and raise awareness of how to be prepared for flooding and its impacts.

Who to contact:

  • SEPA is the flood warning authority for Scotland and delivers Floodline, a 24/7 service that provides live flooding information and advice.
  • Scottish Water maintains public sewers and water supplies and is responsible for the drainage of surface water from roofs and paved ground surfaces within a property boundary.
  • SIC Emergency Planning coordinates Council responses to large scale events.
  • SIC Roads maintains roads drainage, including gullies, roads ditches, and roads culverts and bridges.

General information on flooding and drainage

It is important to remember that the first responsibility for protecting property lies with the property owner. This includes building and maintaining adequate drainage, being aware of flood risk and making preparations for protection from flood events.

Being prepared by knowing what to do and who to contact if flooding happens can help you reduce the damage and disruption flooding can have on your life.

The first step to being prepared is signing up to the Floodline Scotland online service, so you can receive messages to let you know where and when flooding is likely to happen. Other useful tools and advice on how to be prepared are available on the Floodline website including a quick guide to who to contact in the event of a flood. You can also check how your area could be affected by flooding by looking at SEPA's flood maps
If a flood happens, the Council will try to help those most at risk, including vulnerable members of the community such as the elderly or infirm. Contact us if you are aware that a frail or vulnerable person is affected.


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