Flooding, drainage and coastal protection

Coastal protection

The Coast Protection Act 1949 defines Shetland Islands Council as the Coast Protection Authority for Shetland and the Act sets out the Authority's powers in relation to the protection of the coast.

All Coast Protection works require authorisation by the Council as Coast Protection Authority (other than repairs and maintenance or emergency works).

  • Enter into agreement with others in relation to such work (which can be carried out by the Authority or by the other party and be on such terms as to payment as may be specified in the agreement)
  • Acquire land for, or associated with, such coast protection work
  • Grant consent to coast protection works to be carried out by others (and contribute to the cost of such works if appropriate)
  • Require owners (etc.) to repair or maintain existing coast protection works (or repair them itself and recover the reasonable costs of such repairs)
  • Carry out work that appears to be urgently necessary for the protection of any land in its area
  • Prevent excavation of materials from the seashore


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