Access to Free Period Products

Access to Period Products

hands holding various period products, pink background.

Free Period Products

You can now access free period products. The Scottish Government is providing funding to enable all local authorities to make period products freely available to anyone that needs them.   

Take what you want, when you want!

There are different ways to collect free period products:
Online ordering is now available here as part of a 6-month pilot, to help inform how the Council will deliver free period products in the future. This online option will enable individuals who are unable to reasonably access products offered in community locations, to order three months of products at one time including reusable products like menstrual cups, reusable pads and period pants as well as tampons and pads. 

You can collect products that are available in venues locally. Products are available in all Health Centres as well as many Community Venues. If you live on a non-doctor isle you can find products at the Nurse’s Clinic.

Pupils in Shetland Schools and Students at UHI Shetland can already access free period products. If you aren’t accessing this already the link to their pages are here:  
Link for Pupils 
Link for Students  
If you are a student studying elsewhere you can receive products while you are at your college or university, so next time you go back ask!  While you are home, we are happy to help!

Our Commitment to You

The Scottish Government asked every local Authority to publish a Statement of Exercise of Functions.  This lays out our commitment to providing free period products and how we intend to continue doing so.  
You can find our Statement of Functions here. 

We were also asked to consult with you to see what you would like. The key findings from the consultation which have informed our approach are here

Consultation Key Findings

View the key findings here