Coronavirus Support for Communities

Information for Staff and Community Organisations

We are working closely with local services, communities and other groups to identify the most common concerns and questions for individuals and communities during the coronavirus pandemic. We have developed a series of Information Briefings based on the questions asked so far, and will be adding to these in the coming days. If you would like a briefing on a particular topic, or if you notice information that needs to be updated, please contact us at

The Shetland Coronavirus Support Hub is on hand to respond to any enquiries from vulnerableindividuals, or their families. If you are in need of immediate assistance, please call 0800 030 8780 or email

The Scottish Government has also created a helpline for those who are at high risk from coronavirus and do not have existing support. If you are 70+, pregnant, a disabled person or receive the flu jab for health reasons you can call 0800 111 4000 (9 am - 5 pm). You will then be connected to local services which can provide food and medicine as well as emotional support.

View and Download the Information Briefings