The Local Development Plan

Development Plans & Heritage

The Development Plans Service is responsible for preparing, maintaining, implementing and reviewing the Shetland Local Development Plan.

The Shetland Local Development Plan (LDP) 2014 was adopted by the Council on 26th September 2014 and is the established planning policy for Shetland.

Please see the Local Development Plan 2014 page linked above for further information or the Local Development Plan downloads page:-

Local Development Plan 2014 downloads

Action Programme

The Action Programme identifies the actions, responsibilities and timescales required to deliver the key policies and proposals detailed in the LDP.

Local Development Plan (LDP) and Supplementary Guidance (SG)

The LDP focuses on the vision and the spatial strategy, overarching other key policies and proposals. It is accompanied by Supplementary Guidance, which sets out detailed policy and advice to help you meet the requirements of the Local Development Plan. It should be read in conjunction with the policies in the LDP and any other SG relevant to the type of development proposed.

Development Plans
Development Services
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Heritage Service

The Heritage Service leads the development, management and implementation of policies and projects concerned with the conservation, enhancement and enjoyment of Shetland’s environment, including natural heritage and outdoor access. The Service influences the development of national and international policy aimed at reducing marine pollution and oversees the Council’s policy on nuclear issues. The Service also provides technical and mapping support services and advice to Development Services and the Council. Please see below for an overview of the various roles of the Heritage service:-

Charitable Trust Service Coordination

Service Coordinator for Shetland Amenity Trust and Shetland Churches Council Trust on behalf of Shetland Charitable Trust.

Historic Buildings and Areas

This section of the website also contains information about Historic Buildings and Areas and Tree Preservation but for advice on these matters, please contact Development Management staff - via email at 

Natural Heritage

Strategic and local natural heritage policy development and implementation, planning policy formulation and specialist advice in respect of the natural heritage, including special areas (e.g. designated sites) and species (e.g. European Protected Species), the wider landscape and biological recording.

Local Biodiversity Action Plan (LBAP) development and implementation through Living Shetland – the local biodiversity partnership

Outdoors Access

Outdoor access policy and project implementation
Core Paths planning and implementation and other duties under the Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2003
Protection and maintenance of the core paths networks
Information and advice on Public Rights of Way
Manage the Local Access Forum

Environmental Liaison

Develop the Council’s input to KIMO (the local authorities’ environmental organisation), provide the KIMO Secretariat and provide support to Council Members involved with the organisation
Manage the Fishing for Litter Project and other projects that directly target marine litter
Oversee Council policy on nuclear issues and provide support to Council Members involved with Nuclear Free Local Authorities (NFLA)