The Local Development Plan

Local Development Plan 2014

The Shetland Local Development Plan (LDP) 2014 (PDF, 6.4MB) was adopted by the Council on 26th September 2014 and is the established planning policy for Shetland. It has been prepared to assist with the delivery of sustainable economic growth and the preservation of the natural and built environment of Shetland including its rich cultural and landscape heritage and ways of life, whilst making sure we can continue to provide 21st century communications and infrastructure to communities that are growing and changing. It sets out the Council's land use strategy which recognises existing developments, promotes sustainable economic growth and conserves Shetland's natural and built environment.

Local Development Plan - NEWSLETTER MAY 2017 (PDF, 4.29MB)

Re-Create Scalloway

Re-Create Scalloway is a community-led project run by Shetland Islands Council, Scalloway Community Council and Working Group. It received funding from the Scottish Government’s Making Places Initiative to develop a Vision and Action Plan for the village. These documents will form part of the pilot Local Place Plan for Scalloway. Further links and information can be viewed on the Masterplans, Development Briefs and Projects page.

Lerwick Town Centre Health Check

The health check was undertaken to assess the town centre’s strengths, vitality and viability, weaknesses and resilience. The findings will be used to provide an evidence base to inform our next Local Development Plan (LDP2).

Lerwick Town Centre Health Check (PDF, 4.3MB)

Shetland Local Development Plan Documents and Maps:

Shetland Local Development Plan
Areas of Best Fit maps
Designated Sites Maps
Proposals Maps by locality
Action Programme document 2018/19
Action Programme Interactive Map
Housing Land Audit 2021/22
Housing Land Audit 2020/21
Housing Land Audit 2019/20
Housing Land Audit 2018/19
Housing Land Audit 2017/18
Employment Land Audit 2021/22
Employment Land Audit 2020/21
Employment Land Audit 2019/20
Employment Land Audit 2018/19
Employment Land Audit 2017/18

Adopted Planning Policy

Development Brief - Anderson High School Campus, Knab (Adopted November 2016)
Works Licensing
The Knab, Lerwick Masterplan - adopted June 2019:
Knab Masterplan Report (20MB)
Specialist reports that are referred in the draft Masterplan are available below:

Supplementary Guidance (SG)

Supplementary Guidance sets out detailed policy and advice to help you meet the requirements of the Local Development Plan. It should be read in conjunction with the policies in the LDP and any other SG relevant to the type of development proposed.

Adopted Supplementary Guidance Documents

Outdoor Access Strategy SG (Adopted September 2019)

Onshore Wind Energy SG (Adopted February 2018)

Shetland Islands Marine Spatial Plan (Adopted February 2015)

Local Nature Conservation Sites Supplementary Guidance (Adopted February 2015)

North Staney Hill Masterplan Supplementary Guidance (SG) (Adopted March2018)

  • Amendment Plan indicating the agreed area of exclusion from the Masterplan:
    Boundary amendment (PDF file, 5 mb)

Draft Supplementary Guidance Documents:

(NB these documents are in DRAFT and will be considered for adoption by the Council in the coming period.)

During the course of the consultation it has become apparent that the Supplementary Guidance Document - Local Landscape Areas contains some formatting and typographical errors.
In particular we want to highlight an error on page four of the document which references
Policy N3, this should in fact reference Policy NH4 within the Local Development Plan. We apologise for any confusion this has caused.

Supplementary Guidance Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) Screening Determinations and Environmental Reports:

Supporting Documents:

Interim Planning Policy: Minerals December 2009

Shetland Islands Council have undertaken a review of the Council’s Aggregates Policies currently contained within the Shetland Structure Plan (2000) and the Shetland Local Plan (2004).

This Minerals Interim Planning Policy (IPP) has been subject to Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA). The IPP was adopted by Shetland Islands Council on 9th December 2009 and to complete the SEA process a Post-Adoption Statement and its accompanying Appendix, which shows how the assessment influenced the final documents are available below:

SEA Post Adoption Statement

Shetland Islands Council has formally adopted its Local Development Plan and as part of the Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) regulations, the Council has now produced a ‘Post Adoption Statement’ that summarises all comments made during the consultation and how these comments were considered within the LDP process.

SEA Post Adoption Statement

Local Development Plan Scheme

For further information and details of the preparation timetable and consultation programme for the Plan please read our Development Plan Scheme document by clicking on the below link:
Development Plan Scheme 2020-21

Shetland Local Development Plan Examination Report

The report constitutes the Department for Planning and Environmental Appeals’ conclusions and recommendations relating to unresolved issues which were received during the earlier representation phase of the Shetland Local Development Plan.

The Shetland Local Development Plan Examination Report

A Guidance Note for people who have submitted representations can be found here:

Other Development Plan Publications

Other policy and guidance documents prepared as part of the Development Plan Review can be accessed below:


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