Shetland Animal Health Scheme

Shetland sheep

The Shetland Animal Health Scheme (SAHS) focuses on protecting and enhancing the health status of cattle and sheep on Shetland and tackles a wide variety of diseases.

The scheme provides a screening service for a range of specific livestock diseases at the point of entry into Shetland. On-farm monitoring of herds and flocks further ensures that the test on entry is an effective disease control method.

The Scheme is provided as a service for the agricultural community at large, and makes no charge nor levy for testing of imported stock — Aid provided under this scheme is granted in kind by means of subsidised services, and will not involve direct payment of money to producers.

By testing imported livestock for disease, the principle aim of SAHS is to sustain the high health status of Shetland's sheep and cattle.

The scheme is open to all keepers of sheep and cattle on Shetland. Animals are tested by a veterinary surgeon on arrival at the pier in Shetland at a specialised facility. Any necessary follow up testing and flock screening is carried out on Shetland holdings.

The SAHS provides disease information which can then be acted upon in an appropriate manner by the farmer after consultation with their veterinary surgeon.