Early learning and childcare fund

What can the scheme fund?

We will consider funding: –

  • Furniture and equipment;
  • Outdoor furniture and equipment;
  • Specialised equipment for children with additional support needs;
  • Car safety seats – where a vehicle is used to deliver a service;
  • Non statutory training;
  • Other costs deemed appropriate to support delivery of high quality Early Learning and Childcare provision.

We will not fund: –

  • General running costs such as wages, admin costs, energy costs, etc
  • Snacks and refreshments;
  • Projects that have already taken place;
  • Fundraising expenses;
  • Legal fees;
  • Holidays;
  • Items that only benefit an individual e.g. prizes, personal clothing, strips and personal equipment;
  • Loan or endowment payments;
  • Projects with no long-term sustainability;
  • Statutory training – which settings should have in order to be registered as a provider;
  • Other costs deemed inappropriate to Early Learning and Childcare provision.