Shetland Athlete Travel Award

How to apply?

Read the requirements

Check that you are eligible to apply and you can meet the terms and conditions of our grant.


Complete an application form and send it to us.

We need to receive your application by 16 September 2022 . This gives us time to assess your application and you time to send back any additional information we ask for.


We assess your application.

We will acknowledge your application within 5 working days and will ask you for further information where necessary. Once your application is complete, it will be assessed by a panel from Shetland Islands Council, sportscotland and local sport representatives. We might contact you with questions at any time during our assessment. Please note that if necessary decisions will be taken by a majority vote of the panel.


We tell you our decision.

Once your application is complete, we will give you a decision by the end of September. If you are successful, you will receive a grant offer letter from Shetland Islands Council. You/your parent/guardian will need to sign the letter accepting the terms and conditions of the grant, including details of the account to receive the funds and return it by the date stated on the letter. If your application is unsuccessful we will write to tell you why.


You start your programme

You can start your programme when you receive our letter confirming the grant. We cannot guarantee to fund any costs you have incurred before we have made a decision on the application. We will not fund any costs you have incurred before you make your application. You must acknowledge Shetland Islands Council and sportscotland on all publicity and marketing materials. If you want to change the purpose of your grant from that specified in your grant application, you must first get our agreement in writing.


You finish your programme.

You should complete your programme by 31st March 2023. Your final review will take place during March 2023.


If you are successful

  • Shetland Islands Council will issue a grant offer letter and acceptance form detailing the terms and conditions of the grant award;
  • Once you have accepted the terms and conditions of the grant and returned the acceptance letter a percentage of the grant will be paid directly into your nominated bank account. This will be dependant on your training and competition schedule submitted and the schedule of payment will be decided locally through the ATAS co-ordinators.
  • You must comply with grant conditions and only use the funding for the purpose(s) as set out in your application form;
  • You will be required to participate in an initial meeting followed by a follow up meeting to assess your performance with the schedule agreed in your application.
  • When the scheme reopens for the second round of funding in the financial year 2022-2023 you will be eligable to submit a second application. Please keep a copy of your inital application in order to assist you in the completion of your second application. The sections of the second application that will have to be updated with new information include any achievements since last application, new goals and an updated training and competition schedule.

If you are unsuccessful

We will write to you within 2 weeks of the closing date for applications to inform you of the decision.  The panel’s decision is final but if you would like further feedback on the decision to refuse your application, then please contact the Sport and Leisure Service using the contact details in section 11.

Unsuccessful applicants in round one of applications, can reapply in round two. Feedback is offered to unsuccessful applicants.

The Council’s Comments and Complaints Handling Procedure can be seen at