Shetland Business Start Up Grant

Eligible costs

The following costs are eligible for grant assistance:

  • Capital costs
  • Marketing costs
  • Training costs

Applicants will be eligible to receive 100% of eligible costs up to the maximum grant amount.

The following costs are ineligible for grant assistance:

  • Costs which have already been incurred or committed
  • Legal fees  / Accountancy fees / Insurance cover fees
  • Statutory requirement elements, eg planning costs, standard industry requirements
  • Wage subsidies
  • Existing debt repayment
  • Vehicle lease, purchase or rental
  • Direct replacement of existing assets
  • Acquisition of an existing business, or a management buyout
  • The purchase, lease or rental of a property
  • Permanent alterations or installations to residential properties unless it can be demonstrated that this is wholly and exclusively for the purpose of establishing the proposed business

Any business being established that is considered to be detrimental to the viability of other organisations or creates significant competition issues will be ineligible for grant assistance. However, applications may be considered where the applicant can demonstrate high market demand and how any competition issues could be addressed.