Fair Food Project

The Fair Food project aims is to move Shetland towards being an Equitable Food Community.  The way this is being achieved is by helping communities across Shetland access affordable, healthy and environmentally sound food.  This includes improving access to land for growing food; helping create opportunities for people to grow their own food; and supporting the increase of skills and knowledge in growing, cooking and eating healthy food.

There are many reasons why increasing opportunities for people to grow their own food is a good thing:

•Reduction in household costs, particularly in Shetland where imported food costs are high;

•Health and wellbeing benefits; and

•An opportunity to reduce carbon emissions and support biodiversity.

If you require any further information, contact the Shetland Partnership at shetlandpartnership@shetland.gov.uk

Fair Food Policy

Standard Shetland Allotment Site Regulations