Mutual Exchanges

What are Mutual Exchanges and how to apply for one

A Mutual Exchange is when two or more tenants swap their properties to better meet their housing needs.  You can exchange with another Shetland Islands Council tenant, a tenant of a housing association, or a tenant of another council.

A Mutual Exchange scheme is in place to help tenants who want to move within Shetland and who are tenants of Shetland Islands Council (SIC) or Hjaltland Housing Association  (HHA).  If two tenants agree that they would like to swap houses, each must request this is writing and not move until each landlord has given their written consent.  Any local authority or housing association tenant can apply to join a Mutual Exchange scheme.  Most Mutual Exchanges take place within Shetland although there are some opportunities for Shetland tenants to exchange to other Council or Housing Association homes across the UK.  This scheme is not open to private renting tenants.

Once you have viewed one another’s property and decided that you would each like to proceed with the exchange then each party must complete a Mutual Exchange form.

If you have not already done so, please complete a Mutual Exchange application.  Alternatively, you can call SIC Housing on 01595 744360 if you are unable to complete the form online and require a paper copy.  If you have a joint tenancy you must ensure that any application is signed by each joint tenant.  Other landlords may require more information to be provided.