Mutual Exchanges

Viewing and Selling points


Always view the property before agreeing to an exchange. Once you have identified someone you want to swap homes with make sure that you view the property. If you don’t view it, how will you decide on important personal issues? For instance:

Is it a nice house?

Is it in a nice neighbourhood?

Is it on a busy street?

Is it in an isolated or lonely area?

Is there a shop or bus service nearby?

Selling points

Your property may also be viewed. It is important to remember that when people come to view your house, that you see your house through their eyes. An untidy and dirty house may not appeal to the other person and may jeopardise your chances of a mutual exchange taking place. If you are serious about a mutual exchange, it is a good idea to follow some basic pointers:

First impression - It is important you make a good first impression as many people may only drive by your home.  Make sure the outside is looking its best; keep bins out of  sight, tidy the garden and cut the grass.

De-clutter - Tidying away the day-to-day debris that accumulates will help to show off a room's potential.  This will make things feel a lot more spacious. You're aiming to create a space that others can imagine as their own, so clear away any clutter that might take up room. 

Clean - Give the property a thorough clean. Wash down paintwork, clean floors and worktops and scrub the bathroom and kitchen.

Freshen up – If it is necessary, smarten up tired looking rooms with a fresh lick of paint. You are aiming to appeal to as wide an audience as possible so stick to neutrals and resist the urge to go down the 'themed' route.

Lighting - Clean your windows and pull back curtains that might be keeping out any light. Lighting can work wonders. Use it to maximum effect to create a mood or by making a feature out of it in narrow corridors or problem spaces. 

Smell - Keep the house well ventilated – people viewing your home will not be happy with bad odours. Open windows to let the fresh air in and perhaps arrange for your pets to be elsewhere.