Very Sheltered Housing

As well as sheltered housing, there are a small number of very sheltered housing properties in Shetland which have on-site care and support available up to 24 hours per day. These properties are at King Erik House and Annsbrae House in Lerwick and Brucehall Terrace in Unst. To be considered for this type of accommodation, a comprehensive assessment has to be carried out, through the With You For You process for anyone applying from Shetland.

Housing and Community Care jointly undertake allocations for vacancies.

King Erik House aims to give vulnerable people the independence of their own flat, as in sheltered housing, but with additional care and support. The aim is to help tenants remain as independent as possible.

Annsbrae House is a complex of single bedroom homes for people with mental health illnesses. Knab Road Skills Centre is part of this complex and offers additional support activities usually in a group setting.

Brucehall Terrace Extra Care Housing in Unst aims to support individuals with high level care needs to live in their own accommodation. For more information please contact us.