Paying for care

Paying for non-residential care

You may be required to contribute towards the cost of the services you receive. These charges might affect you if you are getting services from us at the moment or if you need them in the future.

For means-tested services this charge will be determined by a financial assessment.

Services with a set (fixed rate) charge

These services will be charged in addition to any other chargeable services provided:

  • Community Alarm
  • Day Care meals
  • Meals on Wheels

Services chargeable with a means tested assessment

These services are chargeable on the result of a means tested financial assessment.

  • Housing Support - available to individuals who require input and advice to maintain their home / tenancies and can include some enablement, support with finances, assistance to link into other services etc
  • Day Care (including Supported Vocational Activity at Eric Gray Resource Centre)
  • Social Activities
  • Domestic Support
  • Laundry

Not all services provided to support people are subject to charges

Services not subject to a charge

  • Criminal Justice Social Work Services
  • Information and Advice
  • Needs Assessment
  • Care Management
  • Personal Care
    • Dressing, Personal Hygiene, Nutrition
    • Meal preparation
    • Assistance with Bath / Shower / Toiletry Needs
    • Laundry – only where the customer is unable to use their machine or suffers from incontinence. Where the person is incontinent –
      • The consequential making and changing of the customer’s bed
      • Caring for the customer’s skin to ensure that it is not adversely affected
    • Visits to GP, hospital etc.  This is only provided where no family, friends or voluntary services are available to assist
  • New, intermediate or additional Home Care services for 42 days on discharge from hospital (services in place pre-admission to any hospital stay and continuing after discharge will be chargeable)

People will not be charged for care services

(Excluding Meals on Wheels, Day Care Meals and Community Alarm)

  • People who are terminally ill
  • People with a mental illness who are subject to a Compulsory Treatment Order