Civic Entertainment

Civic Entertainment

Decisions on which areas the Council’s civic entertainment budget is spent on is entirely at the discretion of the Convener. However, with a significantly reducing budget, it is very important that any spend in this area is targeted as effectively as possible.

The short protocol outlined below, is designed to allow the Convener to ensure all requests for civic entertainment are dealt with in a consistent and efficient way.


Any individual or group who are seeking support for a civic event, must make a request to the Convener. In order for the Convener to be able to make an effective decision on whether to provide support, the following areas must be included in any request:

• Details of the proposed event, with date and expected number of attendees

• Details of the support being sought from the Council e.g. dinner, venue etc

• Benefit for Shetland to be gained from the event

• Indicative costs

• Any other relevant information – e.g. whether the event has been supported in the past.

It is recommended you contact the Convener’s Office for an informal discussion on your event prior to making an application.  At least 8 weeks notice is normally required.

The 'Application form for Civic Entertainment' must be completed and sent to for consideration.

The Convener is keen to recognise particularly significant events in the community, such as diamond wedding anniversaries, 100th birthdays or outstanding achievements. If you would like to request such civic recognition for anyone from the Convener please Contact the Convener’s office with as much detail as possible about the nature of the event and / or the people involved.