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The New Public Library

New Library
  • The refurbishment of the old library/museum on Lower Hillhead is now nearing completion, and staff are working hard behind the scenes to get ready for the move.
  • We expect to move in October 2021.
  • We will then have all our services in one building and be able to work more efficiently.
  • There will be space for twice as many books and the children’s area will be three times as big.
  • The spaces in the new library will be used flexibly and will be easy to adapt after we move in. Libraries change all the time, but the Covid-19 pandemic has particularly shown how we need to be adaptable.
  • During the move, which will take 1-2 months we hope to keep a basic library service going. This will include computer use and limited book borrowing.
  • We have had to suspend home deliveries till after the move but they will resume as soon as we can.
  • We have to move 77,000 books and all our furniture and equipment.
  • We are reusing all our shelving and furniture for reasons of economy and environment. The re-use of shelving makes the moving of books quite complicated. We also have to keep the books in the right order!
  • After we move, St Ringans will become the Council chamber, so will still be a public building.
  • St Ringans has been the public library for 19 years.

There have been some delays in making this refurbishment happen, most recently the pandemic lockdown in 2020. We hope it will be a reality very soon. Watch out for more news.

Background documents:
SIC Policy and Resources Committee 8 October 2018: Library refurbishment project update

Public consultation feedback report – 2016

SIC Education and Families Committee 23 October 2015 – Asset Investment Plan, Lerwick Library Refurbishment