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Da Lay o da Land

Da Lay o da Land

Call and response between artist and community

As part of COP26 Conversations local artist Christina Inkster calls to the community of Shetland and asks for their response to her questions regarding climate change.

Da Lay o da Land is an opportunity for the community of Shetland to speak up, share your opinions and have your voice heard on matters relating to our isles and climate change.

Participation is anonymous and information provided will form a body of work from which a public artwork will be created by the artist.

Deadline for submission is: Friday 29th October 2021.

Please return completed questionnaires to the library.


Q1. What does climate change mean to you?

Q2. Have you noticed a change in Shetland’s climate? If so, please detail:

Q3. How does climate change make you feel?

COP26 Conversations is a national fund led by Museums Galleries Scotland in partnership with Historic Scotland and Scottish Libraries Information Council:

“The fund has been designed to help cultural and heritage organisations begin to raise their profile as spaces for communities to engage with the climate challenge and explore positive actions. The fund encourages fun and creative participation, a chance to connect with the energy that is building in Scotland as the hosts of COP26.

The fund will offer small grants to museums, libraries and historic environment organisations to host small scale, community focused events and activities that will take place between early September and 15 November.”

Funding Scotland

COP26 Conversations supports the Shetland Library to engage with the public in conversations around important climate issues emerging in Shetland.

Christina Inkster will work with the local Burra based visual art workshop Gaada to produce risograph prints that will go on display in the Shetland Library’s newly renovated premises.