Conservation Areas

Conservation Areas are designated by the Council in recognition of an area’s special architectural or historic interest. Once an area has been designated, it becomes the duty of the Council to pay special attention to the desirability of preserving or enhancing the character and appearance of the area. Further information on Conservation Areas including the criteria used for designation is available in Scottish Historic Environment Policy. There are three Conservation Areas in Shetland, two in Lerwick and one in Scalloway.

Lerwick Conservation Areas Map

Scalloway Conservation Area Map

Development within a Conservation Area should be well designed, utilise good quality materials and detailing, and respect the historic character of the area. The Council has prepared Character Appraisals for the Conservation Areas to assist applicants in formulating their proposals. Proposals for new buildings in conservation areas must also be accompanied by a Design Statement.

Lerwick Lanes Conservation Area Character Appraisal

Lerwick New Town Conservation Area Character Appraisal

Scalloway Conservation Area Character Appraisal

Design Statements Handbook – A Best Practice Guide

Additional planning controls apply in conservation areas. If you are intending to undertake works to a building in a conservation area and are unsure if you need consent, please contact the Planning Service. Further information is also available in a Council Advice Note. Trees within conservation areas are also protected Shetland Tree Preservation Orders.