Lerwick Lanes consultation – final call for feedback

Lerwick lanes pitt lane sml
Pitt Lane, Lerwick. Credit: SIC

Anyone who has not yet provided feedback on the current consultation for a Lerwick Lanes Masterplan is encouraged to do so within the next seven days.  

After yesterday’s public drop-in sessions at Islesburgh Community Centre, Lerwick Town Hall and a presentation in the evening for the Lerwick Community Council meeting, there is still time for anyone who has not yet offered their comments on proposals to do so.   The first stage of consultation took place in December and January, and there are now three options presented for the Stage Two consultation. 

Lead consultants for the project are 7N Architects, who have prepared detailed designs and presentations on the possible options. These documents are now available on the Council’s website, showing potential approaches to future uses and development of the site.   

For anyone unable to attend the drop-in sessions to view the materials, and who hasn’t already provided comment, can send their feedback by email to hello@7narchitects.com, no later than Wednesday 14th February 2024.

The documents are available to view and download:

Lerwick lanes consultation option 01 os

Option 1 - Creates potential housing provision use on existing housing land, reconfigures parking across the site and creates a public garden space at Hillhead

Lerwick lanes consultation option 02 os

Option 2 - Some redistribution of housing land, maintaining some community garden in existing location

Lerwick lanes consultation option 03 os

Option 3 - Further re-distribution of housing land across the site, maintaining a larger area for the community garden.

Published: 6th February 2024