Address Registration

Please use the online forms below:

For change of property name or not yet built buildings.

Application for Property Naming - Change name

Application for Property Naming - Not yet built

For existing buildings or new builds that require a change of details, or to report incorrect details.

Application for Property Naming - Existing building

Application for Property Naming - New build

The Shetland Islands Council is responsible for maintaining a list of all Shetland addresses known as the Corporate Address Gazetteer (CAG) this is then uploaded to the National Street Gazetteer, referred to as the 'One Scotland' Gazetteer, a list of all addresses in Scotland.

The council also notifies the Royal Mail of new addresses and changes. Registering addresses for single and multiple housing schemes, new builds, existing builds, change of name and NYB (not yet built) properties.

  • The Planning application reference or Building Warrant number should be obtainable via our Planning and Building Standards search page.
  • Maps can be obtained online from various commercial providers, search for 'planning application maps'
  • The Address Registration process can take approximately 14 days from day of submission. The Royal Mail will add your new/amended details on to its database once we have confirmed the process is complete. However, please be aware that it may take other companies longer to update their own address databases
  • CAG address entries are added to the One Scotland Gazetteer every month
  • If you are registering a new street then this process will take longer as the relevant Community Council will need to be notified along with the National Street Gazetteer
  • You can check if your address has been successfully registered with the Royal Mail and at the One Scotland Gazetteer