Buy bags or bins

Buy bags, bins or replacement parts

Black bags

You can buy a box of 200 black bags for £17 from the Gremista Waste Management Facility.

The Council's bags are also available from:

  • Aywick Shop, Yell
  • Bigton Community Shop
  • Brae Garage
  • Final Checkout, Unst
  • H Henderson, Unst
  • JWJ, Whalsay
  • Linkshouse Stores, Yell
  • Mail Shop, Bressay
  • Sandwick Baking Company, Sandwick
  • Skibhoul Stores, Unst


Non-recyclable rubbish wheelie bins

You can also opt to use a wheelie bin for the storage of your rubbish.  As bins are not mandatory, there is a charge of £45 for the 240 litre bin.

If you'd like to purchase a bin you can do so at the Gremista Waste Management Facility, where you can pay for and collect the bin.

You can also buy your bin online or by contacting the Cleansing Service on:

  • phone: 01595 744891


New lids, bungees or purple bags

If you are in need of new wheelie bin lids or bungee cords, these are available from the Gremista Waste Management Facility:

  • lids for recycling bins (blue or grey) are free
  • lids for non-recycling bins (green) are charged at £10
  • bungee cords are charged at £1.50
  • reusable purple bags for glass are free