Recycling contamination

If our collection crews find non-recyclable items in the recycling bins, they will afix a tag on the bin to let you know there has been a problem.  The tags are to let you know there's been an issue, so that you can correct it for the next time.

The most common mistake is putting incorrect items in the recycling bins (eg plastic pots, tubs or trays in the grey-lidded bin, the only plastic items we accept are bottles).

We use three different tags:

  • Yellow: Minor -- if it's just a few incorrect items we will empty the bin
  • Orange: Moderate -- we will attempt to pick out the wrong items, empty the bin and return the non-recyclable items to the bin
  • Red: Severe -- we won't empty the bin, you will need to get it sorted before the next collection

If you've received a tag and want to find out what might be the issue, please contact us: