Roads Planning Advice and Construction Consent

Roads - Planning and Construction Consents

Guidance and Standards

The guidance and standards set out in the documents below are for the provision of transport infrastructure, including the design and construction of all new roads, associated with development proposals, within Shetland Islands Council area.

These Guidelines aim to ensure new roads are safe whilst, at the same time, ensuring new developments also provide transport facilities that are convenient for all types of road user as well as creating a high quality environment.

The Guidelines also apply to a developer who proposes alterations to an existing public road. The Guidelines also sets out the procedures to be followed in order to ensure that new roads achieve acceptable standards so that the Council can subsequently adopt them as suitable public roads. In addition, there is an associated requirement to measure and assess the transportation impact of any development proposal, so the design fully meets the needs of pedestrians, cyclists, persons with mobility difficulties and public transport passengers. The document also highlights the important requirement to assess drainage and flood risk, where appropriate, and some associated guidance is provided.

These Guidelines will be used by the Council for assessing the transportation aspects of development and proposals for construction of new transport infrastructure.