Scalloway Harbour Information

Scalloway Harbour Photo

Lying in a bight of Mainland East of the Point of the Pund (60°08.0'N, 1°18.3'W). The harbour is normally open in all weathers but movements are at the discretion of the Harbour Master and may be delayed if conditions are unsuitable.

Scalloway Harbour Office

Scalloway Harbour Office is manned at the following times:

Monday to Friday - 0800 to 1800 hours,
Weekends            - 0900 to 1200 hours
A call out system is operated out-with these hours.

The Scalloway call sign is:- “Scalloway Harbour”

VHF / Telephone / email communication is provided as follows,
Channel 14. Scalloway Harbour working frequency.
Channel 16. Distress.
Scalloway Harbour Office   +44 (0)1595 744221

Pre-Arrival Forms and Documentation

Real time Weather information - Scalloway Harbour and Point of Pund

Approach Channel Depths

The minimum depth of water in the approach channel between the buoys in the vicinity of Port Arthur is 8.7 metres below chart datum.

Berth Minimum Depth Berth Length
West Face, Commercial Quay 7.0m 120m
South Face, Commercial Quay 6.5m 120m
South East Face, Commercial Quay 6.5m 133m
East Jetty, North 4.6m 100m
East Jetty, South 4.9m 130m
Fishmarket 4.8m 120m
West Pier, inside 5.4m 60m
West Pier, outside (Out of Use)    
West Quay (Low level quay) 3.5m 85m

Under Keel Clearance

A minimum under keel clearance of 0.5 metres should be maintained at all times when manoeuvring within the harbour area.


The Council has directed that pilotage shall be compulsory only for vessels carrying passengers1 or Notifiable dangerous substances2.
Duties of pilots are given in the Scalloway Harbour Area, General Direction & Pilotage Direction as amended.
No Pilot shall be released from a pilotage duty until given permission to do so by the Master of the ship being piloted.
1 “vessels carrying passengers” refers to vessels carrying “fare paying” passengers (i.e. Ferries and Cruise Ships with the exception of vessels owned by the Shetland Islands Council).
2 “Notifiable dangerous substances” as stated in the Dangerous Goods in Harbour Areas Regulations 2016 as amended.

Harbour Dues

For  all Shetland Islands Council Harbour Dues information see 
Table of Dues

Locat Notices to Mariners

A list of current Notices to Mariners is provided here

Statistical information

Shetland Islands Council is the Competent Harbour Authority for a number of facilities throughout Shetland, including the municipal ports of Sullom Voe and Scalloway.

The ports are operated in compliance with the Port Marine Safety Code and the performance of the Ports and Harbours Operations is monitored.

So if you want to know how much fish has been landed in Scalloway or how many Scalloway and the Small ports the answers are contained within these links.

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