Port Safety and Regulation

Waste Management and Disposal

Waste Disposal

In compliance with the Merchant Shipping and Fishing Vessels (Port Waste Reception Facilities) Regulations 2003 (as amended) the Shetland Islands Council has prepared a Port Waste Management Plan for its ports.

The facilities provided at its ports and harbours by the Council to meet its obligations are the result of discussion with the various interested parties, including the port users.

All vessels intending to enter a Shetland Islands Council pier or harbour, unless they have an MCA Exemption Certificate or are not required to, are to provide notification of the waste they are carrying. The information must be reported before entry into the pier or harbour, the information required is contained in Annex A of MGN 563 (M+F) and in schedule 2 of the Port Waste Reception Facilities Regulations 2003 as amended.

This information should be sent to; 

Shetland Islands Council – Marine & Air Operations by e-mail or via the CERS workbook

The waste facilities provided are for ships’ garbage and food waste only. The local agents should be contacted to make arrangements for landing any other types of waste.
Ship’s costs for the provision of waste facilities are included in the port dues.