Apply for Housing

What Happens Next

We go through the form carefully and points are awarded through the allocations system in line with the current Allocation Policy. A summary of the points awarded for different categories of housing need can be found on our allocation details page

You will be sent a letter confirming the number of points allocated to you and the areas you have chosen.  If you need to speak to your housing officer about your application click the Contact Housing link on the box on the right of this page.

Please remember that positions on a list change from week to week, according to whether other applicants come onto or leave the waiting list or whether the circumstances of other applicants change.

When you apply for SIC housing, we will not take into account:

  • The length of time you have lived in Shetland
  • Any housing related debt which built up while you were not a tenant
  • Any housing related debt which is no longer outstanding
  • Any outstanding debt which is less than 1 month’s rent or for which you have made satisfactory arrangements and are paying
  • Any debt you or a member of your household owes to a Local Authority or Registered Social Landlord which is not related to the tenancy of a house e.g. Council Tax
  • Your age, so long as you are at least 16
  • You or your family’s income
  • Whether you or your family own a property
  • The length of time your housing application has been on the Housing Register

You will be sent a letter asking whether you still want to remain on SIC’s Housing Register twice each year. You must fill in the form accompanying the letter and return it to SIC Housing. If this form is not returned we will assume that you no longer wish to remain on the SIC Housing Register, and your application will be cancelled. Hjaltland operate a similar policy in this instance. It is important that you return the forms to stay on both SIC’s and Hjaltland’s Housing Registers.

Offers of Accommodation

You can choose as many areas as you wish, however you should only choose areas where you would accept accommodation if an offer is made. Applicants will receive one reasonable offer of accommodation. We consider a reasonable offer of accommodation to be accommodation that meets your household’s needs based on the information held in relation to your application by us at the time of allocation.

Refusal of Accommodation

If you are a waiting list or transfer applicant and you refuse the reasonable offer, you will be suspended from the housing register for 6 months. If you are an unintentionally homeless applicant we would not make any further offers of permanent accommodation and the SIC would also discharge its duty to you under the homeless legislation. Your Housing Officer can give further advice if you are considering refusing any needed offer of accommodation.

Home Visit

When you are close to the top of the waiting list a member of the Council's housing staff will visit you at home to confirm the details given in the application, the points awarded and their eligibility to be allocated.

Notifying the Council of changes of address, or other circumstances

It is very important that you tell the Council if you change address after you have submitted your application form. Otherwise review letters may not be received and your name could be removed from the list. It is in your best interest to notify Housing staff as soon as possible of any changes in your circumstances or contact details.

False Information

Your application may be suspended from SIC’s Housing Register for a period of up to 6 months if you deliberately give us false information or withhold any information that is relevant to your application. If we make you an offer of accommodation based on false information, or due to your failure to advise us of a change of circumstances which affects the level of points that you have been allocated, we will withdraw our offer of accommodation and you may be suspended for up to 12 months. You may also be subject to legal action and a fine.