Applying for a Building Warrant

Apply for a Building Warrant

Applying for a Building Warrant guidance and advice

The Building Standards team is dedicated to ensuring that buildings in Shetland are safe and convenient to use and that energy used for heat and light is conserved; all in accordance with the regulations and guidance promoted by the Building Standards Division of the Scottish Government. We also provide warrants for the demolition of buildings and work closely with the rest of the Planning team.

Before starting construction work we recommend that you contact us to discuss your proposals. 

To make an online application you will need to submit your application via the eBuilding Standards Portal.

eBuilding Standards Portal

We recommend use of the online eBuilding Standards portal to submit applications but if you prefer to use the paper application forms we require:

  • 2 paper copies of all relevant plans and written details/specifications
  • Including where applicable any formal design certification that is available from a certifier of design for structure or energy
  • If we require additional copies for consultation we will advise you

Paper application forms are also available on the eBuilding Standards portal.

Please also take a look at the Building Standards Customer Journey document for information on building works or home improvements:
Building Standards customer journey

We aim to process your application or enquiry as quickly as possible and provide a duty officer service.

Whilst the office is closed due to the Covid-19 situation and staff are working from home, we will not be able to provide a duty officer service at 8 North Ness.

But the Building Standards duty officer can be contacted by phone from 9-10.30am each day on 01595 744293