Applying for a Building Warrant

What Happens Next

The warrant is valid for a period of 3 years from the date of approval and all work should be completed within this period. Further periods of validity may be issued subject to agreement with the applicant and the Council.

We ask that you notify us when work starts and at various other relevant stages, such as before works are covered over.

On receiving your notification we will record it and, where appropriate, make arrangements to inspect the works.

Any changes to the warranted design should be advised as soon as these are apparent as an amendment to the warrant may be required. There is a charge for such amendments.

Should any works be found that do not meet the building standards we will advise of these in writing. Depending on the nature and the extent of any non-compliance the Council may issue an advisory letter and allow a reasonable period for any modifications required. For more serious breaches of the legislation the Council may seek formal enforcement action through the Sheriff Court.

On completion of the works you will be expected to submit your completion certificate and all relevant paperwork for such items as plumbing and electrical services, or outstanding supplementary certification from any certification of design provider.

It is most likely that a final inspection will be required before the completion certificate can be accepted. Any outstanding paperwork or construction work noted at this stage will be listed.
Once the inspecting officer agrees that the works and the warrant file are complete the Council will issue an acceptance certificate and the file will be archived. The warrant is an important document and, as future reference may be made to it in the event of the property being sold, it is recommended that it be kept in a safe location.