Applying for a Building Warrant

Search for Building Warrants

Building Standards applications and notices can be viewed using the Council’s online search facility.

Search for an application or notice

The search page looks like this:

Building warrant search screen

The highlighted text below refers to the various headings/tabs above.

If you know the planning application reference simply type this into the simple search box, click search and this will bring up the application and any documents. You can also use this method if you know the street name, general area or post code where the application is located. This may result in multiple applications being listed which will need to be scrolled through to find the one you want.

The advanced search tab allows you to add more detail (if you know it) to refine your search so that fewer applications are listed for you to select from. If using this option do not enter anything in the ‘ward’ option box.

For more general searches the weekly/monthly list or map tabs are the best options. The former allows you to search for a particular type of application or the decision made on an application in any particular week or month. Again leave the ‘ward’ option box blank.

Through the map tab you can zoom into any particular area and see what developments have occurred or are in the pipeline. Zoom and navigation are controlled by the bar and arrows in the top right corner of the map. Once zoomed in close enough applications are shown by a dark green outline and holding the cursor over this will bring up the application reference and address. Clicking the outline will bring up the application and other nearby applications as a list on the right hand side of the map.


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