Community Councils

Being a Community Councillor

Community Councillors have a shared responsibility for the success of the Community Council, even if you are not an office bearer. All members play an important part, supporting each other, working together and thinking creatively about what you can do together to improve the lives of local people. As a Community Councillor you have a duty to:

  • commit to the role and uphold the standards and values of the Community Council.
  • act in the interests of the local community, which you have been elected or nominated to represent.
  • reflect, through the Community Council, the views of the community as a whole, on any issue, irrespective of personal opinion.
  • ensure that you are, within reason, accessible to your local community and local residents.
  • take decisions solely in terms of the interest of the community that you represent.
  • contribute to discussions and decisions concerning the work of the Community Council.

If you are interested in being a Community Councillor contact the clerk of your local community council.