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Association of Shetland Community Councils (ASCC)

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The Association of Shetland Community Councils (ASCC) was originally formed in the late 1970s and is an umbrella body that supports the work of Community Councils. It is an independently constituted organisation with its own bank account.

The work of the ASCC is organised and facilitated by the Council’s Community Council Liaison Officer (CCLO).

ASCC Meetings

The ASCC currently meets at least three times per year - in March, June and September - but additional meetings of the ASCC can be arranged as and when necessary. Minutes of previous ASCC meetings can be accessed from the Council's website.

Membership of the ASCC

Membership of the ASCC is only open to Shetland community councils. All 18 local Community Councils are currently members of the ASCC.

Purpose of the ASCC

  • Provide a forum where Shetland Community Councils can debate major Shetland wide issues (national and local) that affect all Community Councils;
  • Enable Community Councils to participate in forming and expressing a collective voice on Shetland wide issues;
  • Represent, advise, lobby and advocate on behalf of Shetland communities;
  • Facilitate consultation with public sector bodies and other organisations;
  • Share good practice, learning and information between Community Councils;
  • Provide training and networking opportunities for Community Councils;
  • Promote the work, role and benefits of Community Councils.