Community safety and antisocial behaviour

Antisocial Behaviour

What is Antisocial Behaviour?

Antisocial behaviour has a very specific legal definition in Scotland.

Where this is met an antisocial behaviour investigation will be started.

However more appropriate measures could be used depending on the situation.

The Antisocial Behaviour etc. (Scotland) Act 2004 provides that a person engages in antisocial behaviour if they:

  • act in a manner that causes or is likely to cause alarm or distress; or
  • pursue a course of conduct that causes or is likely to cause alarm or distress
    to at least one person not of the same household as them.

What can I do?

If you feel safe to do so, you should speak to the person causing the antisocial behaviour, as this often sorts the problem out.

Sometimes, the person causing the antisocial behaviour might not know they are creating a problem.

Consider resolving it informally as often that gives the best resolution.

Relationship Scotland Shetland can help with informal options and approach others on your behalf as appropriate.
They also provide Mediation Services should you feel that is an appropriate option for you.

They can be contacted on 01595 743859 or

or see community mediation (

Seek Advice - see our advice leaflet or call the number on the side panel.

Write down what has happened and what impact it has had on you.

Download our diary sheet or email

To make a formal complaint contact:
The Antisocial Behaviour Coordinator on 01595 744 374
Shetland Islands Council Housing Service on 01595 744 360
Hjaltland Housing Association on 01595 694986
For noise see Noise – Shetland Islands Council 

Who can I contact?

In an emergency please contact the appropriate emergency service. We do not have a 24-hour service so if it requires immediate action, please contact 999 ior 101 for non emergencies.
Full details on how to contact Police Scotland are available on their website: Call Handling - Police Scotland .

During office hours contact:

Billy Mycock - Antisocial Behaviour Coordinator
Shetland Islands Council, Infrastructure Services Department 
Gutters Hut, 7 North Ness, Lerwick, SHETLAND, ZE1 0LZ

Tel: 01595 744374