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Peep - Learning Together Programme

What is Peep Learning Together Programme?

The Learning Together Programme is an effective way for practitioners to support:

  • parents and carers to build positive attachement relationships with their babies and children
  • parents and carers to make the most of everyday learning opportunities with their child - listening, talking, playing, singing and sharing books and stories together - enhancing their home learning environment
  • babies and children to be confident learners - through playing, talking, singing and sharing books and stories - for a flying start in life and at school.

Peep sessions are FREE and are a great way of meeting new people and enjoying time with your little one.

You and your baby or child can make friends, share ideas and have fun through singing, story and activities.

Where are the sessions?

The sessions are held at Shetland Family Centre at 28 Burgh Road in Lerwick.  

Shetland Family Centre staff are ready to welcome you and will do everything they can to ease any anxieties you may have about trying something new.

‘It hadn’t occurred to me to listen to my baby and give him space to talk.’
(Baby Peep Parent)

‘I’ve discovered  how much my child learns through play.’ (Toddler Peep Parent)

For further information please e-mail

Peeple - More Info

Peeple is a charity, founded in 1995, whose main purpose is to enhance children's development and outcomes by making the mose of play and learning opportunities in everyday life.  We developed the evidence-based Peep Learing Together Programme, which trained paractitioners use to share information and ideas with parents and carers - valuing and building on what families already do.   To find out more have a look at our website