Support to community facilities

What can the scheme fund - sports facilities?

Sports Facilities

We will consider funding: –

Operating Expenditure 

Operating costs

  • Haulage
  • Insurance
  • Rent
  • Rates
  • Other hire charges i.e. plant hire
  • Heating / lighting
  • Wages
  • Fuel
  • Equipment purchase *

Maintenance costs

  • Grass cutting / strimming
  • Lining
  • Drainage works  Verti-draining / rolling
  • Seeding / re-turfing works
  • Fertilising / weed spray
  • Sand / lime / top soil / maintenance
  • Other repairs / maintenance **

Other costs

  • Cleaning materials (including protective clothing)
  • Administration costs
  • Telephone line rental

* Please note all equipment purchase must be directly related to the maintenance of outdoors sports grounds. Your organisation may apply for grant assistance towards new equipment items such as gardening tools, painting equipment, mops, buckets, lawn mowers, strimmers, line markers, hoses, etc. Your organisation may also apply for new equipment that is directly associated to the activity that takes place on the sports ground such as permanent and portable goals, flags, nets, etc.

** Please note in addition to the above listed eligible funding categories other repairs and maintenance costs must be directly related to the maintenance of outdoors the applicant’s sports ground. For example your organisation may apply for financial assistance towards the repair and maintenance of buildings, equipment, boundary walls, fences, car parks and associated facilities.

We will not fund: –

  • Running costs not directly associated with managing and maintaining a sport facility
  • Items that only benefit an individual e.g. medals, engraving, trophies, prizes, etc
  • Sports equipment such as strips, balls, cones, bibs, hockey balls, golf clubs etc.
  • Loan or endowment payments or bank charges
  • Development or special project costs
  • Feasibility, Design or Capital costs
  • Business or commercial ventures
  • Any other expenditure that is deemed as non-maintenance or is deemed unrelated to the regular costs of maintaining an outdoors sports ground