Support to community facilities

What happens next.

On receipt of your application we will check if it is complete and ensure all the necessary information has been enclosed.

We will acknowledge receipt of your application within 5 working days or return your application if not complete, and will let you know what else you need to do.

Your completed application will be assessed and you will be informed of the decision in writing in no more than 6 weeks of receiving the completed application.

Successful applications will be issued with a grant offer letter and acceptance docquet.

Once your group has accepted the terms and conditions of the grant and returned the acceptance letter the grant will be paid in full directly into your group’s bank account.

You must comply with grant conditions and use the grant only for the purpose set out in your application form.

You will be required to account for the grant, by means of submitting your organisation’s audited annual accounts that relate to the period for which the grant was given, within 6 months of your financial year-end.

What happens if you are unsuccessful?

We will tell you the main reasons why in a letter within 6 weeks of receiving the completed application.

Following receipt of the explanation you may wish you to revise your application and resubmit it or appeal the original decision.

If you want to appeal the decision to refuse your application, then a letter of appeal should be submitted to the Grants Unit within three months of the date that you were notified of this decision.