Port Safety and Regulation

In compliance with the various statutes and regulations in force to provide for safe and environmentally friendly port operations, the Shetland Islands Council’s Ports and Harbours Operations has issued a wide suite of plans and regulations which can be  accessed here.

It is incumbent on all visiting vessels to meet their obligations as required by the aforementioned statutes and regulations.

Byelaws and Directions

Marine Incident Reporting

Any person involved in a marine Incident, Accident or Near-Miss in a SIC Harbour Area or its approaches or at any SIC port / pier facility shall report the occurrence to Sullom Voe VTS and the Harbour Master or their Deputy within 24hrs. 
As soon as practicable thereafter they shall provide the Harbour Master or their Deputy with full details in writing on the Marine Reporting Form.

Employee, Contractor & Users Health & Safety Handbook

The aim of this handbook is to set out the rules for employees and contractors working for and on behalf of SIC (Shetland Islands Council), tenants and users of SIC facilities. Visitors to SIC facilities should be aware that a number of the port premises are open, but that operations may be taking place in these areas and they should familiarise themselves with this handbook and keep clear of working areas and follow any instructions given to them.
Every employee and employee working for contactors employed by SIC, tenants or users of SIC facilities, must be able to demonstrate that they have read and understood this handbook.